Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Lonesome Lake Hike

It's a tradition now. For the third year for Jimmy and I, and the second year for Jacqueline and Christine, we headed north to go hiking on Christmas vacation. We started mid-morning from the Basin right off of 93 and followed the bike path to the Lafayette camprgound. From there we headed up to the Lonesome Lake hut. The trail was very well packed down. We used spikes for traction, snowshoes were not necessary. We hung out at the Lonesome lake hut for a bit, and then made our way down the Cascade brook trail. Early on, snowshoes would have been better. The trail was badly post-holed, and deep in spots for the first bit.

There were a couple of iffy water crossings. We crossed on ice bridges, but didn't feel great about it. Everyone stayed dry.

Stayed at the Woodstock Inn and headed south in the morning.

Pictures here: https://goo.gl/photos/jZeVDDa67QhbWm6WA


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