Monday, December 28, 2015

Gordon Pond Hike

A few days after Christmas, Jimmy, Christine, Jacqueline and I headed up to do some hiking. We had hoped to snowshoe, but the weather didn't cooperate and instead we had a very icy, very cold day (temperature in the low teens). We picked a trail near Woodstock off of 112 and hoped to get to Gordon pond, which is about 3 miles each way.

The trail was pretty much all iced over, so we all used microspikes the whole way. Camelbacks froze quickly despite our efforts to keep water out of the tubes.

(sweet inside-out hat)

Jacqueline broke through some ice and went knee deep in water almost right away. She was a trooper and kept going despite the wet foot. Video of her frozen pant leg here:

The gang was pretty cold, so we turned back before the pond and headed back for the car. It was a pretty day in the woods.

We caught a late afternoon showing of Star Wars and then headed back to the Woodstock Inn for beer and too much food. Good times had by all.

Pictures here: Jimmy's SLR and some iPhone

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