Saturday, November 11, 2017

Mount Galehead (4,024)

 Steve and I met at the Gale River trailhead around 8:30. On arrival, the thermometer in my car read 16 degrees and there were a few inches of fresh snow on the ground.
The trail to Galehead is mostly a comfortable and gradual climb with a few minor water crossings and a short steeper ascent to the AT junction. Being so cold, it was pretty easy to regulate temperature with layers and keep from overheating. Only really got cold during the few times we stopped for food or to unfreeze the tubes to our camel packs (these were a mistake... it was too cold to keep the tubes from freezing every 5 minutes). 

There were no big views until reaching the Galehead hut (.5 from the summit) which was boarded up for the season. The hut sits in a clearing and provided shelter from the wind, so it was actually pretty warm standing on the porch of the hut. We barebooted from the trailhead to the hut.

From there, we added spikes and made the quick ascent to the viewless summit. Kept the spikes on most of the way down for added security, but probably would have been fine without. They made it easier. 

We were back to the car by 2:30ish. Steve headed back to Portland, but I stopped at the Woodstock Inn for some chili and beer. 

42 down, 6 to go. 

Pictures here: Galehead

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