Saturday, September 23, 2017

Mount Whiteface (4,020') and Mount Passaconaway (4,043')

Arrived at the Ferncroft trailhead right around 9:00 on Saturday. Parking lot was already nearly full on the unseasonably warm day. I was able to pack light with no rain or cool temperatures forecast.

(dirt road to the trailhead)

I ascended via the Blueberry Ledge trail. The early parts of the trail had many intermittent steep sections laced in with nice flat walks to catch your breath. Nearer the summit of Whiteface, it opened up into strictly steep sections with some great southern views. I had read not to do this trail in winter. After seeing some of the rock faces and scrambles, I concur with that recommendation. Nothing technical or difficult for dry warm weather though.

I spent just a little time on the Whiteface summit and kept moving for Passaconaway. The trail between the two peaks was quite pleasant and mostly downhill. Arriving at the loop trail for the summit of Passaconaway, the trail gets very steep again. This was a rough and rugged trail with lots of large rocks and narrow sections. The summit itself has no views, but for an extra 0.3, you can get an awesome overlook facing north toward the Kanc. It was a worthwhile detour. 

Slow going on the way down the Walden trail, and not much to see. I took the shortcut around Wonalancet because it was getting late and I had run out of water (dumb). 

Got back to the car around 5:00 and drove ~1 hr to the Waterville campground for the night. Good trip all around and 2 more off the list. 13 to go.

Pictures here (mix of SLR and phone): Photos

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